Hi Lo Ladies League

This is a morning ladies league and shall consist of 8 or more teams with 3 women to a team. This league bowls on Tuesday mornings starting at 9:30am. The league normally bowls a split season. The final rules will be decided and voted on the first week of bowling. Their standard rules are listed below.

  • Bowling fees will be $12.00 per week with $8.00 going to linage. $0.35 for secretary/treasurer's fee
    and $3.65 for the prize fund. The secretary/treasurer's fee will be paid at the conclusion of the league.
  • Regular team members must pay full amount for a substitute.
  • Team captains are responsible for checking the amount in the pay envelope and taking it to the treasurer no
    later than the end of the first game. Regular members are responsible for the prize money for the first two
    weeks in case of incomplete teams. Any team owing two weeks will not be allowed to bowl until paid in full.
  • The last two weeks f bowling fees must be paid during the first five (5) weeks of bowling.
  • League members will transact the business of the league.
  • Three games will be bowled in each session, with one point awarded for each game won and one point
    for series with handicap.
  • The individual method of handicapping will be used. The handicap allowance will be 90% of the difference
    between the bowler's average and scratch 210.
  • Bowlers shall establish an average based on three consecutive games bowled on the same day.
  • An absentee score will be the bowler's average less ten pins - - handicap based on the bowlers average.
    Vacancy score shall be 120.
  • The league secretary shall maintain a list of roving subs. Subs will not be eligible for league awards.
    All subs for the last two weeks of bowling must have at least a nine (9) games established average.
  • One regular member shall make up a legal line-up. If no member is there after the completion of the first
    frame, the game is forfeited and each game thereafter until one member shows up.
  • Pacers will not be permitted.
  • A late member cannot bowl if the leadoff bowler on the opposing team has thrown a ball in the 4th frame
    of any game. She must wait until the next game to bowl.
  • If the event we do not have the designated amount of teams, or in the event of forfeit, the team
    bowling unopposed must bowl their total team average scratch less 30 pins each game to win a point.
  • Officers must be members of the league.
  • In the event of a tie for first place, points won in a three tame play-off series will be bowled
    the following week to determine the winner. An extra 9th and 10th frame shall be bowled if the play-off
    series ends in a tie. If there is a tie for any other position, the prize money will be combined and
    divided evenly among tied teams.
  • An individual or team shall be eligible for only one prize other than team standings. Series takes
    precedence over game and scratch takes precedence over handicap.
  • To qualify for individual awards, a team or a member must bowl 2/3 of the season (66 games).
  • Book score is official when signed by the team captains, subject to verification of the addition
    by the secretary and house computer readings.
  • If a postponement is necessary, contact the secretary/postponement committee 48 hours prior to scheduled
    time or in case of emergency as soon as possible. A time should be scheduled for the games to be bowled
    at the convenience of both teams. Postponed games must be bowled within two weeks.
  • Two weeks WRITTEN notice shall be given for the resignation of a team or individual. Resigning members
    are responsible for two weeks fees if no replacement has been found.
  • There will be no eating, drinking, smoking, or children in the pit area.
  • The bowler on the right is to bowl first when bowlers in corresponding positions are ready to bowl at
    the same time. Most applicable at the end of a game when a player might be inclined to wait to see how
    many pins are needed for a win.
  • If the prize fund is short or linage due, because a member owes fees or left owing fees, the deficit
    will be taken from the point money of the person owing the money. In the event that there is not enough
    to cover the expense, the remainder will come from the league as a whole.